About me

Freelance photojournalist, member “AFIP International” and “IAPP”.
I’ve been working professionally since 1986, dealing mainly with jazz, fashion, theater and reportage. I have collaborated with many national newspapers and magazines, sometimes even with the foreign press. I am currently focusing my attention on Music and Portrait. I am also lending new relationships internationally to resume my Reportage activity that I had set aside.
I believe in photography as a means to tell emotions and passions, but also to witness their own era. My slogan: “An image, a story”.
Shooting in color and in black and white, but I prefer the B&W because the color distracts the viewer. With the B&W I can focus my attention on the composition and the lights to communicate my message more effectively. My black and white is characterized by a strong contrast and a reduced range of grays. Lights and shadows are the basic elements of my “palette”. Photographing is my way of meeting eternity. Good light to all the photographers of the world!

Pino Mannarino